You are more than you think you are… Infinitely more.

“Child of Earth, long hast thou dwelt in darkness. Quit the night and seek the day.”

We all wander in darkness.  For those who feel a stirring inside, who feel drawn by a sense of the Mystery, who know there is magic, who reach for more Light, desire more Love, and seek deeper connection, you are invited to explore further.

The gateways to the Mystery are everywhere.  May you find yours…

Tarot Readings and Classes

“Your reading was so insightful… thank you for opening that portal.” — J.H.

“You have this really powerful channel to ancient insights… a very old kind of wisdom that is strong within you.” — T.S.

The Tarot is a “wordless book” that communicates the teachings of the Ageless Wisdom through a carefully designed system of archetypal symbols.  If you are seeking guidance on a particular matter, looking for insight on your journey, or are interested in deepening your understanding of the Tarot, I offer readings and periodically teach introductory classes.

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Intuitive Astrology Readings

“This is fucking awesome!” — M.A.

“Wow! Thank you very much… So astoundingly brilliant and clear!” — A.E.

“Wow!!!!! Holy wow. Thank you for sharing this gift with me!” — B.C.

An astrological chart can serve as a valuable tool for self-reflection, provide keys for understanding your gifts and challenges, and serve as a kind of personal mandala or roadmap to your life adventure.  If you’d like assistance in looking deeper into your chart, I offer intuitive astrological readings and consultations. They’re direct, concise, precise and delivered with a good deal of humor.

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Meditation Instruction and Support

“I appreciate your calm and constant state of meditation…” — J.H.

“It’s been an incredible help… your presence has been really really beneficial… I really admire and appreciate the humor you bring… profundity and lightness…” — S.S.

A regular meditation practice is indispensable to the process of unfolding a deeper understanding of your Self, nature and the Mystery within and without. I offer beginning meditation instruction, and facilitate a weekly meditation session in the Land Park neighborhood of Sacramento to uplift the planet and assist others in deepening their practice. Sessions are warm and relaxed as we aim to keep it light but go deep.

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The Yoga of Ra

I appreciate Aleister Crowley, Lao Tzu, Siddartha and Jesus, but sometimes it’s nice to get it straight from a sixth density social memory complex.   The Yoga of Ra is a growing collection of notes and musings on The Law of One (also known as The Ra Material) that will one day get shaped into a book.  In the meantime, I invite you to read and comment on the work-in-progress.

An introduction to The Yoga of Ra…

Yoga School

Essays on the philosophy and practice of Yoga.

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Hello, my name is David.  I’m a student of the Mystery and offer spiritual friendship and counsel to fellow seekers on the Way.  I have had the good fortune to receive initiations and empowerments in both the Western Mystery and Mahayana Buddhist traditions, am an Associate Member of Builders of the Adytum, and a graduate of Magdalen University.

I reside in Sacramento, California.  You’re welcome to get in touch via email at