Tarot Readings

“Your reading was so insightful… thank you for opening that portal.” — J.H.

“You have this really powerful channel to ancient insights… a very old kind of wisdom that is strong within you.” — T.S.

The Tarot is a “wordless book” that communicates the teachings of the Ageless Wisdom through a carefully designed system of archetypal symbols.  If you are seeking guidance on a particular matter, looking for insight on your journey, or are interested in deepening your understanding of the Tarot, I offer readings both in person and at a distance.

Tarot Readings can be conducted at a distance, although I always prefer an in-person session if it’s possible.

I provide two types of readings:

  1. Divination on a specific question you have, or
  2. What I call an “energetic portrait”, which reveals energies to look at that span from the roots of your being all the way down to this moment in space and time.

Readings are $300 and generally take about two hours.  You’re welcome to record the session and photograph the spread if you desire.

If you’d like to schedule a Tarot reading, please submit this form…