The Yoga of Ra

The Yoga of Ra is a collection of notes and musings on The Law of One (also known as The Ra Material) that will one day turn into a book.

For me, the Law of One is one of the most profound, lucid and pure sources of spiritual teaching that I have ever had the good fortune to encounter. For those not familiar with it, the material was given by Ra, “an humble messenger of The Law of One” (more on Ra below) and received via trance channel by Carla Rueckert (with Don Elkins asking questions and Jim McCarty transcribing the sessions) between 1981 and 1984. The material was originally made available in a series of five books which can be purchased from L/L Research’s online store or freely downloaded from their library. The material is also available in a convenient, comprehensive and highly searchable format at

The material is profound (did I say that already?), far-ranging, and covers many topics of interest to the seeker. But it might also prove difficult to gain a foothold into, particularly for the casual reader. Ra is a “sixth density social memory complex” (for simplicity’s sake, visualize a group of beings who are a few billion years further up the evolutionary spiral). As you might imagine, their use of language is a bit atypical (though quite precise) with more than one vocabulary word that sent me running for the dictionary. Also, because the material was developed in question-and-answer fashion, topics are not always addressed in a linear way. For these reasons, I’ve thought that it might be useful to produce a book which presents the teachings ordered is such a way that one might more easily gain an overview and introduction to the theory and practice of Ra’s teaching.

Carla Rueckert herself has written such a book — Living the Law of One- 101: The Choice, but the Law of One material has such depth and breadth that it could doubtless support a thousand different commentaries and presentations without becoming exhausted. It is my hope that in offering my own thoughts on Ra’s teaching, that others might find inspiration and support for their journey.